The BEST Guitar Cable I Ever Used VS Analysis Plus Yellow Oval

OK, I really wanted to take the time to put out a short review ( I will add to this soon) and not only because of the product itself but of some of the BEST customer service I have ever received.

So, I play Bass (Thanks to my collecting of AC/DC and some stage equipment) My brother plays guitar. So I wanted to upgrade my cable so I started the usual research. There were some GREAT videos on YouTube with people doing some fantastic A/B comparisons.

One thing I noticed was in order for me to hear a great difference then these guitars needed to be played through clean channels. Once I heard some of these and asked around I was going to purchase the Analysis Plus Yellow Oval cable. This cable is no slouch and I give these guys immense credit on a top grade cable. Of course, you’d expect nothing less from a cable ranging in price of 129.00 US to 149.00 US.

Then a friend of mine who I respect suggested I try his cable. He said he actually spent over 150.00 on it. It was 10′ with straight going into 90. So armed with this expensive cable I went home plugged it in and was simply amazed at the sound quality.

I know quality of sound is very subjective and some characteristics off the sounds’ timbre I like you may not. However, there was something else that jumped out at me. The first bass I plugged in was a little out of tune so I got out my tuning app (Anytune) and noticed something amazing.

On my other cables the needle would bounce around a little bit and I would just get as close as I could and then tune the rest of the string to the beats or in other words, one string to the next etc. When I used this new cable the tuning needle was dead on steady. I was very impressed by this.

The sound was fuller, louder, and really much better in tune. There were songs I was playing that were in better tune now just because of this cable.

Eagerly I went over to my brothers and wanted him to try it. I didn’t tell him anything about it. I just asked him to take a listen. He did not the build was impressive and the weight was nice and heavy. He plugged it in and we both were very impressed with the sound. Neither of us expected to really notice a difference but we did. The interesting thing was we both noticed the improvements regardless of if we used clean or distorted amplification.

OK so now that I built up the brand and quality I will tell you the name of the company that makes this awesome cable is SouthCreekAudio.com.com and I lied to you previously well actually my FRIEND lied to me. He did not spend 150 bux on this cable. When I went to the site I found out that these are $10.00 US! plus shipping.

My friend said he didn’t want my opinion to be swayed by thinking I was playing with a cheap cable. There is NOTHING about this cable that would make you think it is a cheap cable. It heavily shielded, it’s a thick and heavy cable. It feels and looks as good as ANY of the other brands I compared to previously.

I’ll let you read the description about the construction on the original SouthCreekAudio.com sight no point in me doing it here.

I just wanted to share with you that I really found a great cable that actually improved my sound. In fact the characteristics of each of my Bass guitars are much more distinctive now.

These guys also went out of their way to provide me with the best service in the world. Every question was answered via email extremely fast. Shipping was like lightning I swear I ordered it at noon and got it at 4 pm LOL. No it wasn’t that fast but it did only take 2 days to get to me and I was impressed with that.

Of course, my brother now plays through one now. He has commented a couple times now about how improved the sound was. Seriously, we really didn’t think we would actually notice that much of a difference or we would only be able to tell the difference if we used a scope on it. In the end, we did enjoy playing our guitars much more.


I sincerely recommend these. This will be the least expensive upgrade you will make to your signal chain. Go check them out


Let them know that I sent you. I don’t get paid by them and I don’t receive any compensation at all for sending them traffic. This is just a review about a cable that I was so impressed by that I wanted to write it and hopefully send them some business.

Let me know what you think about it once you get yours.

Kindest Regards

Aaron Baker


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